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Thank you for your interest in the Splendora Police Department. In order to test or be considered for a position as a Splendora Police Officer you must be T.C.O.L.E. Certified or be currently enrolled in and attending any of the State of Texas recognized Police Academies as listed on the T.C.O.L.E. website



Once you are T.C.O.L.E. certified or attending an academy, you are welcome to apply as long as we are accepting applications. As stated above, if there is a job posting then we are accepting applications, if there is not one posted, then we are not. Read the job posting completely including the requirements and disqualifiers. There are no acceptations for either. YOU WILL BE CONTACTED once a T.C.O.L.E. certification has been attained. Make sure that your email and contact information are accurate and clearly written. If we cannot read your writing then we cannot contact you.

Minimum requirement to be considered for employment as an entry level police officer are as follows:

  • Must be 21 years of age

  • Must possess a High School Diploma or GED

  • Possess a valid Texas Driver’s License

  • Must already possess a Texas Peace Officers License through T.C.O.L.E.

  • * We do not offer an academy and must have already attended, completed and obtained your license.

  • Honorably discharged from the Military, if you served

  • Must pass a comprehensive written exam, physical exam, polygraph exam, psychological exam, medical and drug screening and pass an in-depth background investigation.

  • A complete list of all disqualifiers is located at the city website under the Entry Level Police Officer job listing.

  • * Please pay attention to the criminal, drug and driving history disqualifications.  Our standards are listed and adhered to.  

Thank you and good luck to you.

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