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Chief of Police - Wally Wieghat

Achievements and Certifications

Chief Wally Wieghat started serving the public as a police officer in April 1974 with the Harris County Constables Office Precinct 1. Since then he served the public with various police agencies in Harris County ultimately leaving Harris County as a Motorcycle Sergeant to take the Chief of Police job with the city of Splendora in August 1978.  Chief Wieghat left Splendora to work with the Harris County Sheriff's Department in may 1982 until then Mayor of Splendora, Jack Lucas, solicited him to return to the Splendora Police Department as Chief of police. He returned to Splendora in May of 1983 where he remained as Chief of Police until December of 1990.


During his tenure Chief Wieghat attended and graduated from the prestigious and world renown F.B.I. National Academy 128th Session. The F.B.I. National Academy only holds 4 sessions a year with 250 executive level students per session from all over the world. Seeking retirement and better benefits, which at the time the Splendora Police Department did not offer, Chief Wieghat reluctantly left in December of 1990 starting a new career with the Harris County Constables Office Precinct 4.


Then Deputy, Wally Wieghat, worked hard achieving many specialized certifications and advanced up the chain of command in the largest Constables Office in the United States, consisting of over 500 officers. He ultimately retired as Chief Deputy. However, retirement was not in Chief Wieghat's immediate future.


The then Mayor of Splendora, Mayor Dorothy Welch, approached him with the challenge of once again rebuilding the Splendora Police Department to serve the public as they deserved to be served and to face the exploding growth and crime that the city was facing. Chief Wieghat's love of the community that he lived in, and served with pride previously, easily touched his heart and he graciously accepted the challenge. Chief Wieghat began his new journey with the Splendora Police Department in September of 2016. In just a little over two years, with the support of the Mayor and City Council, a 21st century/state of the art police department has risen to meet the challenge of growth and crime within the city, thus making the service to the citizens and our children within the City of Splendora, priority one!

  • Master Police Officer

  • Accident Reconstructionist

  • Bomb Investigation

  • Crime Scene Specialist

  • Crime Scene Photographer

  • Firearms Instructor

  • Licensed Scuba Diver

  • Crime Prevention Inspector

  • Field Training Officer

  • Graduate F.B.I.N.A. 128TH. Session 1982

  • Humble Chamber of Commerce Officer of the Year 1996

  • Constables Commendation 2003

  • Congressman Ted Poe Honorary Recognition Award July 2016

  • State Representative Dan Huberty Honor of Service Award 2016

  • Licensed T.C.O.L.E. Instructor

  • Graduate F.B.I. LEEDA Trilogy Award 2019

Achievements & Certifications

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